Friday, April 18th

computercool computrcool2

On the docket:

Work on revision plan.


Remember: class Monday and Wednesday cancelled for class meetings. CONFERENCE MEETINGS MANDATORY (if you have less than an A in class so far). DO NOT BE LATE. ON OF YOUR FEW UNIT 5 GRADES DEPEND ON IT. If you did not sign up for a meeting time, email me NOW.

Be sure to have a prepared statement ready (Your revision plan). Bring all old unit drafts. If you are not prepared, that will negatively affect your grade.

Monday, 21:

Outside of our classroom

11:10 Cody Smock

Tuesday, 22:

Outside of the Morris Writing Center

11:00– Donovan Glover

11:10– Roosevelt Gaston

11:20– Devin Costa



11:50–Jasmin Martinez


In our classroom

12:00– Dante Copeland

12:10– Shawn Willis

12:20– Jessica Benjamin

12:30–Margaret Haines

12:40–Summer Antriem


1:00–Jaid Burten



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